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'JASHN - E - BACHPAN' (Annual Concert - 2015) - ESSENCE OF LIFE

D.P.S. Servodaya Nagar organised its Concert 'Jashn-e-Bachpan' 2015 on 30th Nov, 2015. The students of classes Pre-Nursery to V participated enthusiastically in the programme. 'Essence of Life' was the theme of the event. The programme was given a felicitous beginning with the lighting of the auspicious lamp by the Chief Guest Mr. Rajeev Shukla, Member of the Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Pro Vice Chairperson Mrs. Bandana Misra, Founder Sir Alok Misra, Member of the Managing Committee Mr. Devavrata Misra. Principal Mrs. Rachna Mohotra graced the occassion. Head Mistress Mrs. Anju Varma welcomed the dignitaries, parent fraternity and the press.
The event began with an enchanting dance performance "Shiva - the circle of life" by the students of Class - IV wherein the students dressed up in bright yellow attire depicted Lord Shiva liberating the world from pain and agony.
"The Little Mermaid"a performance by Class - II students mesmerized everyone present with their magnificent costumes and props. "The Little Ninja Brigade" of  Pre-Nursery in their animatronic suits took the audience on an adventurous trip depicting the life skills of patience and bravery.
The school orchestra "Mast Malang" seized the audience with their striking precision while they played a medley of songs. The students of Class - Nursery presented "Bakers Street" based on a tribute to the community helpers who are the sound foundation of the society and make our life easier and better. The school Choir "Raspberry Poppers"captivated the audience with their soothing and euphoric voices.
Art is always timeless and artists live forever "The Legend of Tansen" dance drama presentation by Class - III on the life of Tansen, was depicted beautifully.
The students of Class - Prep presented "Rangashree" a colourful stimulating folk dance from Tamil Nadu. The dance presentation "Ehsaas" by the students of Class - I was a tribute to the loving parents who are the guiding stars in everyone's life.
The Management honoured and appreciated the staff members who completed 10 years with D.P.S. by felicitating them with a token of appreciation. 
The students of Class - V propagated the message to work together and make India a Golden Bird, once again through a scintillating dance performance "Our Glorious India". The programme came to end with a pledge taken by the students of DPS, Servodaya Nagar wherein each one promised to make a better India and stand up to be the change. The Chief Guest Mr. Rajeev Shukla acclaimed the tremendous  effort of the teachers and students for executing a magnificent show. Founder Sir Alok Misra, acknowledged the hardwork and the excellent and mesmerizing performances of all the students especially the hosts and masters of ceremony who eloquently carried the show on their tiny shoulders.










Investiture Ceremony

Keeping in line with the Spirit of Democracy a student parliament was formed at D.P.S Servodaya Nagar on 15th May, 2014. The student parliament comprised of various ministries, house captains, head boy and the head girl. The student parliament works under the able guidance of the Head Mistress and the teachers. The motive of this parliament formation is to train the students to take on their responsibilities and fulfill them to the best of their abilities. The Investiture Ceremony began with the morning prayer and motivational lines on leadership. The students of Class III confidently recited the poem ‘The brave little kite’ depicting that by overcoming fear we can achieve our goals. The representatives of the student parliament the Head Boy Aaditya Shukla and the Head Girl Aastha Jaiswal and the other members of the parliament were given badges by the Head Mistress Mrs. Anju Varma. She congratulated the oath bearers and motivated them to perform their duties with dedication. The members of the parliament were happy to be a part of it and took a pledge to abide by their duties. The ceremony concluded with a talent show wherein the students got a chance to display their talents like dancing, singing etc. The dance performances were appreciated by all..

Mother’s Days Celebration

“God could not be everywhere so he made mothers”. To celebrate and rejoice the presence of ‘Mother-a-gift of God’. Delhi Public School, Servodaya Nagar organized a grand Mother’s Day celebration in the school premises The presence of mothers alongwith grandmothers, added to the grandeur. They sportingly participated in the cookery competition “Mummy’s Magic”. The cookery competition was based on the cuisines of different states / countries.

            The participants came dressed up requisite for the theme which added to the ambience. The mothers and grandmothers whole heartedly took part in this competition and got a chance to show their aesthetic, creative and culinary skills. The participating teams comprised of the child, mother and the grandmother.  Mummy’s Magic was adjudged by a panel of experts.

             To add fun factor to the celebration exciting games like Tol Mol Ke Bol, Shopping Cart etc. were also organized for the mothers.

            An art/craft workshop was organized for the mothers wherein they learnt Paper quelling. All of us love our mothers and ‘There is no one else in the world like you’, was the theme of the poem, recited with perfect co-ordination and voice modulation by the students of  class IV. The show ended with a peppy dance presentation on ‘School days’.

            The presence of the founder Mr. Alok Misra and Pro Vice chairperson Ms. Bandana Misra added to the grandeur. The dignitaries gave away the prizes to the winning teams of Mummy’s Magic. The Head Mistress Anju Varma thanked the mothers and grandmothers for their participation and contribution in making the event a success. The winning teams proudly adorned their crown and sash with trophies and gifts to add to their happiness.

The winners for the cookery competition were as follows:-

1st Grand Mother Mother Child
Mrs. Karta khatri Mahek Khatri Pratyansh Khatri
2nd Grand Mother Mother Child
Mrs. Rekha Asrani Isha Asrani Vaishnavi Asrani
3rd Grand Mother Mother Child
Mrs. Rekha Agarwal Mrs. Akansha Agarwal Anvesha Agarwal

Mrs. Gunjan Gujral was crowned as the best dressed mother following Mrs. Rekha Agarwal and Mrs. Rekha Asrani who were crowned as the best dressed grand-mother.


Health Checkup Camp

Delhi Public School, Servodaya Nagar aims at an overall development and growth of its students for which a Health Camp is organized every year. A Health Checkup Camp was organized in the school premises ,for classes Pre-Nur to IV. The camp was successfully organized under the guidance of experienced doctors and in close coordination with the school team. The students availed the consultation services by a panel of doctors including Dentists, Eye Specialists, General Physicians, a Dietician and Counsellor. The main objective of this health camp was to identify the health related problems of the students and intimate the parents about them, so that appropriate action could be taken for their rectification. The dentist examined the students and explained to them the need of oral hygiene, learning the correct method of brushing and eating the right kind of food and calcium to keep healthy teeth. The eye specialist emphasized on the precautions to be taken during an eye infection and also explained the harmful effects of watching too much of television. A video clipping on ‘Healthy eating habits’ was shown to the students wherein they were made aware of the pros and cons of eating junk food. The doctors made the video session interactive and the students enthusiastically participated in the same. A short rapid fire round was an enjoyable and learning experience for the students. A Health Card was issued to each student wherein the details like height, weight etc. and problem areas were mentioned. Head Mistress Ma’am Anju Varma thanked the team of doctors and presented mementos to them.

Health Camp Health Camp

Investiture Ceremony

DPS SERVODAYA NAGAR conducted the Investiture Ceremony. The students of class 3 presented a special assembly on this occasion. The students spoke lines on the duties of a students emphasizing on the importance of honesty, punctuality, discipline and responsibility. A motivational poem 'It's up to you' inspired everyone present to contribute to make the world a better place. A short moral skit, 'Who will be the emperor 'gave a message to be honest. To show time waits for none, a melodious choir was presented by the students of class-III. The dance performance by Vaishnavi and Hunar was appreciated by one and all. To invest the student body with their responsibilities for the Academic Session 2013-14. The office bearers of the school from classes III and IV were adorned with Sashes and Badges as per their portfolios. The student Parliament comprised of Ministries with the Minister, Deputy Minister and Member, promising to take the school to greater heights. The Head Mistress Mrs. Anju Varma gave the badges to the office bearers and told them about their responsibilities and the expectations from them. The monitors had a shine of encouragement on their face and took a pledge to carry out their responsibilities with full enthusiasm.

HEAD BOY:-Abdul Ahad
HEAD GIRL:-Vanshika Agarwal


Blue Bells House :- Hitakshi Jhamtani and Aditya Shukla
Daffodils House :- Shubhangi Mishra and Archit Gupta
Shamrock House :- Shreyansh Gupta and Vaishnavi Srivastava
Tulips House :- Aryan Pratap Singh and Manya Mehrotra


Art & Craft Exhibition 'PRISM'

Delhi Public School, Servodaya Nagar organized it’s annual exhibition “PRISM” which was a thematic display of the creative and aesthetic talents of the students. The school campus on this sunny day was a mélange of colours. The concept of “Best out of waste” was the highlight of the exhibition which was an effort to reuse and recycle the things which are dumped and are a threat to the environment. The Chief Guest Pro-Vice Chairperson Mrs. Bandana Misra inaugurated the exhibition. Founder Sir Alok Misra was the guest of honour and graced the occasion with his benign presence. The display comprised of various themes like Toyland, Means of Transport, Story and Shape Surprise, Home Sweet Home, Glimpses of Rural India and Journey through Human Civilization. The Head Mistress Mrs. Anju Varma escorted the dignitaries around the exhibition where the students dressed up in the relevant themes briefed them about the display. Class Pre-Nursery displayed craft items based on “Toyland” which comprised of robots, airplanes, rattles, piggy bank etc. made out of old and used tin boxes, shoe boxes, water bottles etc. The stall showcased the fantastic world of toys which is every child’s fantasy place to be in always. The exhibits put up by class Nursery showcased the models of different means of transport. The items on display were based on the improvisation of the transport system starting right from the ‘wheel’ to jet planes. Class Prep brought to life the story of “Cinderella”. Various items like photoframes, pen stands, magazine holders etc. based on the story were on display. The Craft items made by the students were appreciated by one and all. Jasleen Bindra, Kushagra and Aanya dressed up as various characters of the story caught everybody’s attention. ‘Shape Surprise’ depicted the various shapes we see around us was done up by Class I. Not only the different geometrical shapes but also the various terms related to them like length, breath, height etc. were elaborated through 3D models, colourful charts and attractive craft items like hand puppets, chimes and game boards etc. Students dressed up as Sammy circle, Suzy square, Olive oval and Tracy triangle, Danny diamond and Rickey rectangle recited a cute poem with much ease and poise. There was a special section done up as a home model. The students of class II exhibited “Gharonda Khushioyon Ka” a miniature model of a Home sweet Home. Simple activities like printing, origamy, sticking, dabbing and colouring on waste materials like cartons, lids, caps of bottles clips, buttons etc. transformed them into the things found in a home. The well planned layout of the home stole the show. Rural India was rightly depicted by Class III through their stall “Glimpses of Rural India”. Different aspects of villages like cottage industries, agriculture, panchayats, fairs etc. were shown at the stall. The village panchayat scene enacted by a few students was appreciated by the parent fraternity. Man - The greatest creation of God has evolved since time immemorial. The various milestones of this evolution were on display at the “Journey through Human Civilization” by Class IV. The transformation of early human into the man of 21st century was beautifully depicted through various charts, collage, 3D models etc. The Craft items included pottery, seals, jewellery from the civilizations like Mohanjodero, Harappa etc. Inventions and discoveries like wheel, stone tools, fire, paintings, scripts etc. were represented through charts and collages. The stall based on the “Historical Journey of UP” was put up with an aim to educate the children about the little known interesting facts about their own state. The students crafted various types of handicrafts, models showcasing the landmarks of the city. The traditional artifacts were presented in the most original and riveting manner. The parent fraternity attended the craft exhibition and appreciated the efforts put in by the staff and students. The Chief Guest was full of praises when she spent a lot of time at each section, admiring with amazement the items at display. The introduction and presentation by the children stole hearts of one and all.

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