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Labour's Day celebration

Today on 1st May, 2017 class 5 conducted the special assembly on Labour’s Day to felicitate the working staff of the school. Children participated with lots of enthusiasm and zeal. They spoke an importance of Labour’s Day which boosted the morale of the working staff. The speech of Head Mistress was very heart touching and made the staff feel very special.

Safety First

To encourage children to be aware of danger and to help them become more responsible for their own safety. A special assembly on the topic Safety First was organised for the students. The assembly began with the children talking about some simple traffic rules one must follow while crossing the road. The world can seem a scary place. But it’s not really scary when you know, when to stop and when to go, when to move and when to stay still. 

Animal World

To give this message an assembly “Animal World” was organised on 9th March for the pre-primary students at D.P.S Servodaya Nagar. Through this assembly we gave a message to respect animals and should never hurt them.

Flower Power

A rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way. The students of pre-primary presented an assembly on ‘Flower Power’ on 9th Feb 2017 presenting colourful flowers on the stage along with rhyme and lively dance.

Basant Panchami 

On the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami a special assembly was presented by the students of class III. The school premise was decorated with bright coloured hanging and props. The assembly began with the worship of Goddess Saraswati followed by lines throwing light on the importance of this day. After lines a rhyming poem was presented and then a melodious choir made the surrounding very festive. Last but not the least a talent show was also organised which added colour to the event.

Republic Day 

Republic Day was celebrated with great pomp and show at  D.P.S Servodaya Nagar. The entire school was decorated with tricolour and thematic decorations. The assembly began with a patriotic quote ‘citizens who forget honour, duty and patriotism invite misery upon themselves. This was followed by a few children throwing light on how the constitution was formed and came into being. Freedom in mind, faith in words, pride in our heart and memories in our soul. A few children shared the rights and duties of a citizen. A melodious choir presentation, ’Hind desh ke niwasi, sabhi Jann Ek Hai’ woked the feeling of patriotism in one and all. A thought provoking rhyme ‘where the mind is without fear’ ignited love for the country. The assembly came to an end with a foot tapping orchestra presentation of a patriotic numbers ‘Nanha munna rahi’. The Head mistress ma’am Pratibha Shukla gave the vote of thanks and by giving this encouraging message that no nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect.

Christmas Celebration

Teacher's Pet..... Is that you

 In order to honour the teachers, the students of class Nursery of DPS Servodaya Nagar presented a special assembly Teacher’s Pet…..Is that you! On 8th Sept. Children were dressed up in colourful dresses and spoke interesting lines on the importance of a Teacher. Few games were organized for the Teachers in which they participated and won many prizes.

Teacher's Day celebration

A teacher’s day carnival was organized at D.P.S. Servodaya Nagar on 7.09.2016, by class III to celebrate this great day.

Independence Day Celebration

Delhi Public School, Servodaya Nagar organized a cultural event on the occasion of Independence Day. 

The event began with some inspirational lines on the importance of freedom. The children wore tricolour neck bands and spoke confidently about the importance of this day. The school choir wearing tricolour sashes presented the melodious song     ‘ge gksaxs dke;kc’ which added to the patriotic fervour. The school orchestra filled the atmosphere with rhythm and symphony. A rhyme ‘A tribute to our real heroes’ was presented by the students of class I with appropriate voice modulation and action. The students presented on inspirational dance drama on the role of young generation in the development of the country. 

Teachers Day 2016

Brave Hearts

On the auspicious occasion of Independence Day the students of Pre-Nursery paid tribute to the freedom fighters in the assembly “Brave Hearts” on Thursday 11th August 2016 at D.P.S Servodaya Nagar. The audience got mesmerized seeing the whole presentation and specially appreciated the dance performance.

Pre - Nursery Independence Day Celebration

Save Environment

A special assembly was organized by the students of class IV to create awareness for environmental issues. To acknowledge the vital role of trees, our children pledged together to protect them. The assembly comprised of lines, poem, talent hunt and a skit depicting the deteriorating condition of our planet Earth.

Seasons- "Sun and Snow"

Assemblies have always been a vital tool for interactive learning. Keeping this in mind students of class Prep presented a special assembly on the topic seasons on 2nd Aug 16.

The children were divided into four groups named spring, summer, rainy, winter and narrated lines followed by a Rhyme and dance.

Sun and Snow
snow snow
snow snow

Good Manners

The children are like seeds that need nourishment of values and education. To achieve a holistic development of our children a special assembly  “Garden of good manners” was conducted by the students of class Nursery and  D.P.S  SERVODAYA  NAGAR on 19.07.16

Good manners manner story

World Environment Day

World Environment Day (4)The students of class IV aiming to create awareness for environmental issues organized a Special assembly on 30 July,2015. The assembly began with the Morning Prayer and thought for the day. The students spoke inspirational lines followed by a motivational poem to protect the environment and to save the trees. The school choir presented a melodious song ‘All things bright and beautiful’. To acknowledge the vital role of trees and to pledge together to protect them a motivational skit ‘The giving tree’ was presented. Last but not the least the students displayed their talents through the ‘Talent Hunt’. The assembly concluded with encouraging words by our Head Mistress Ms. Anju Varma, which was followed by the National Anthem.

V for Victory

v for victoryThe students of class Nursery of DPS Servodaya Nagar, Kanpur presented on assembly on Dussehra, ‘and celebrated the festival with enthusiasm on Monday, 19.10.15. The children came dressed up as different characters of Ramayana. Few children spoke on  Dussehra depicting its importance and gave the message of victory of good over evil. A short rhyme on ‘ Aaya Parv Dussehra’ was recited by the students .The poem recital was  highly appreciated by all. The assembly concluded with a garba dance which received a huge applause by the teachers and the students. The Head Mistress Ms. Anju Varma appreciated the performances and motivated the students to follow the path of truth.

Teachers Day

Teacher's DayA teacher’s day carnival was organized at D.P.S. Servodaya Nagar on 3.09.2015, by class II to celebrate this great day. The program began with the morning prayer followed by a beautiful thought. A few children spoke on the relevance of the day which also happens to be the birthday of a great teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was a staunch believer of education. A melodious choir presentation ‘ Nadiya na piye kabhi apna jal’ was put up the children to express their heartfelt gratitude towards their dear teachers.The students saluted their teachers again by presenting a motivating poem ‘A teacher’ for giving them a foundation of knowledge for life. A few children expressed their love and affection for their teachers through a presentation of an acrostic poem on teacher. The children showcased an enthralling ‘Talent show’ which comprised of singing, dancing and musical presentations. To add more spark and fun to the programme exciting games were organized by the children for their dear teachers.
The carnival ended with the headmistress Ms. Anju Varma’s vote of thanks wherein she praised the children for putting up such a great show and encouraged them to always hold their teachers in high regard.

Investiture Ceremony

"Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action and example".

Nurturing students to be the future leaders DPS, Servodaya Nagar held its Investiture Ceremony for the Academic Session 2015 - 16 on Thursday. 16th July in the school premises. The implementation of student parliament is a means of empowering students through active involvement in a fully functional democratic model. The young deserving candidates for various ministry portfolios were bestowed with badges in the special assembly conducted by class V.
The assembly commenced with the morning prayer and lighting  of the lamp by the Chief Guest Pro-vice Chairperson Mrs. Bandana Misra & Founder Mr. Alok Misra seeking the blessings of God Almighty, followed by an energetic and motivating poem 'A good leader' recited in full unison and clarity.
The school choir presented a melodious song "Badal pe paon hai" expressing the joy and excitement of the members of the newly elected student council.      
Thereafter, students eloquently described the qualities of a leader. The high tempo tunes played by the school orchestra added to the enthusiasm of the young leaders who were all set to take up the responsibility on their tiny shoulders.
The Pro-vice Chairperson Mrs. Bandana Misra & the Member of Managing committee Mr. Devarata Misra felicitated the elected student leaders by presenting the badges to the Head boy Arnav Gupta, Head girl Deeksha Suri Sports captain, House captains, Prefects for discipline and spoken English and Class captains. All the proud leaders together took an oath of striding forward and doing justice to the responsibility bestowed on them.
Head Mistress Mrs. Anju Varma addressed the student council and called upon them to set an example for others to follow by working hard and sincerely taking up the tasks allotted. The ceremony came to an end with a classical dance performance         "Shiv Stuti". The beautiful performance received a huge round of applause by the audience.  


Independence Day

26January Delhi Public School, Servodaya Nagar salutes the nation on the eve of its 69th Independence Day. The occasion was marked with a week long celebration wherein the students participated in various activities & competitions. The children were involved in a mélange of patriotic activities like singing patriotic songs, skits, making tricoloured craft items etc, which created an atmosphere of national pride. A cultural programme was organised in the school and the school premises was decorated with tricolour balloons & banners. The programme commenced with the unfurling of tricolor and salutation by the Chief Guest ProVice Chairperson Mrs. Bandana Misra and Founder Sir Alok Misra. 
The program was conducted by the students of class - III who stole the show with their flawless, comparing and diction. To raise awareness about the freedom fighters of India some students dressed up as Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Subhash Chandra Bose depicted their contribution to the freedom struggle. Thereafter a poem recital "Incredible India" laying stress on the rich cultural heritage of India enlightened the audience. The school choir also presented a melodious patriotic song "Kar ke dikhaenge" on the occasion.   
A skit was enacted by the students with a moral to come together and shoulder responsibility towards their nation. The enactment , expressions and dialogue delivery of the students dressed up as various characters mesmerized the audience. The school orchestra played to the tune of "Mera Joota Hai Japani" with perfect co-ordination.
The dance performance by the class - III students gave a befitting end to the cultural event. The students depicted the unity in diversity of the country through their fusion dance form. The Head Mistress Anju Varma addressed the students and asked them to respect their country and value their independence. Also to respect the soldiers on the borders who give their lives for our safety.

Healthy Meal

healthymealHealth is a very important aspect of our life and to create awareness amongst our little children about health and hygiene the little ones of Pre-Nursery organized an assembly “Healthy Me” in the school premises on 27th August, 2015. The students shared the importance of  keeping healthy followed by a rhyme ‘Vegetables’ and a dance performance by the tiny tots. The assembly steered the young minds towards adopting a healthy life style.

Grand Parents Day

grands parent dayD.P.S.  Servodaya Nagar, celebrated Grandparent’s Day on 22.12.2015. Students of class Prep presented an assembly “Silver hair and Golden heart”. It was an attempt to make the children realize that  grandparents are the pillars of a family. They are the loving and caring. Children came dressed up as grandparents and enacted their roles beautifully on the stage. They also presented a song symbolizing the qualities and traits of grandparents .The little ones mesmerized the audience with an emotional    dance performance. It was a wonderful experience for them and they went home with the message that- God’s most precious work of art is the warmth and love of a grandparent’s heart.

Eid Mubarak

To create awareness about the richness of our culture, the students of class Nursery conducted a special assembly ‘Eid Mubarak’ on 29th July, 2015. The assembly was a sequence of informative performances related to the festival. The students explained the significance of the festival. Everyone applauded the choral recital on ‘Eid’ with appropriate actions and voice modulation. The assembly ended with a ‘Sufi dance performance’, which mesmerized the audience.


Diwali Assembly

AssemblyDiwali a festival of peace and prosperity brings along dazzling lights, immense joy and festivities. DPS Servodaya Nagar celebrated Diwali with zeal and enthusiasm wherein the students of class I organized a special assembly on the occasion. The students came dressed up in traditional attire. The students of class I spoke confidently about the religious importance of Diwali in our culture. The poem recital, Diwali Delights  by the students holding colourful diyas symbolizing the festival of lights was liked by one and all. The school was decorated with colourful  Bandhanvaar, rangoli and diyas that added charm and festivity to the atmosphere. To explain the origin of this festival a short skit was presented by our young talented actors. The skit concluded with a beautiful dance presentation that stole the heart of the audience. A melodious choir “Payo Ji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo” added to the festive mood. The Talent Hunt brought our budding artists to the forefront.


The harvest festival of ‘Baisakhi’ was a special occasion at D.P.S Servodaya Nagar. The students of Class Nursery presented a special assembly ‘Aayee Baisakhi’ on 6.5.14. The students briefed the audience about the importance of this festival and why is it celebrated. They recited a rhyme dressed up as farmers, holding props related to the harvest. The rhyme presentation and the energetic bhangra dance received a great round of applause.

Pre-Primary Welcome Assembly

A special assembly on the Topic-"Golden rules of the school" was presented by the Pre-Primary students. The students recited a poem on Good Manners with voice modulation and actions. The students spoke a few lines on the good conduct of a student. The assembly ended with an energetic dance performance which received a thundering applause from the audience.


Primary Welcome Assembly

To welcome the new academic session 2013-14 with full enthusiasm and gusto, a special welcome assembly was conducted by the students of class IV. The stage area looked bright and colourful with banner, balloons, buntings etc. The assembly started with a welcome note followed by the morning  prayer and thought. A few students spoke confidently about how to become a good student. The school choir presented a melodious song "Welcome, welcome to all of you".'The brave little kite' an encouraging poem motivated the students to never give up. A short skit 'Happy to be me' was appreciated by one and all. The assembly came to an  end with a foot tapping and peppy dance number which received a huge round of applause.


"Hello! Mr. Froggie"

To rejoice the coming of Monsoon Season the students of class Nursery presented a special assembly- "Hello! Mr. Froggie". The students spoke about the things related to the Rainy Season. They recited a rhyme "Rain drops" on rainy season. The tiny tots presented a colourful fashion show which depicted various things we see, eat and wear in the rainy season.


Independence Day

A special assembly was presented by class II students to show case the importance of Independence Day. The school premises were decorated with tricolour pin wheels, cutouts and patriotic slogans etc.

The assembly began with a few lines on the relevance of Independence Day and the importance of celebrating it every year. The children were brimming with confidence in their thematic attire. Recitation of the poem tiranga yaad dilata ha along with the school orchestra inspired and enhanced the patriotic spirit of every one present.

A melodious choir which was full of determination was also presented making the environment even more enthusiastic followed by a skit based on the moral 'Even the smartest wrong doer can be caught red handed, therefore we should not do any thing wrong to others' was presented by the talented upcoming artists.
The assembly came to an end with a brilliant and well co-ordinated dance performance which was a tribute to all those who gave their lives for this day.


May I help you

The students of class Prep presented a special assembly on the topic 'May I help you' The students briefed about the importance of community helpers in our day to day life. It was followed by an inspirational poem supported by fascinating head gears depicting the value of community helpers. The assembly came to an end with an enthralling dance performance by our tiny toddlers.


Teacher's Day

Teachers mould the life of students and the lessons learnt from them stay in the hearts of students through out there life. The entire school was thematically decorated with motivational quotations like 'teacher you are the best, 'I love you teacher' etc. An eye catching banner with attractive flowers and leaves was put up with cute smileys  and colourful and beaded crepe paper strings. The assembly began with the morning prayer followed by a theme relevant thought 'The best teacher is the one who suggests rather than dogmatizes and inspires her listener with the wish to teach herself'. This was followed by a few children speaking on the importance of this day, which is celebrated as the Birthday of Dr. Radha krishnan a famous educationist. Thereafter an English rhyme, 'Teacher you are number one' was recited with great clarity and expression to honour and respect the teachers. A teacher is the most important person in our life. This was confidently expressed by a group of children emphasizing on what each letter in the word teacher stands for.  The school choir comprising of our little singing divas, stole the show by singing the song 'Teacher, I love my teacher'. Dancing has always been a part of our celebrations, the foot tapping dance performance put up by the students stole the hearts of one and all. Any celebration is incomplete without adding the fun element to it. To make this day memorable for our loving teachers some very interesting and exciting one minute games, singing rounds were organized. The assembly ended with our Head mistress Ms. Anju Varma appreciating the hard work and dedication of the teachers.
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