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Tap your Feet , Beat the heat !

D.P.S Servodaya Nagar organized a mega event which was filled with fun and frolic. The students actively participated in various activities and games. The motto of the event was to appreciated the imaginative instincts of all the students and to show cased their hidden talents.

Tap Your Feet , Beat the heat !

Mango and Melon Party

Summer is on its peak and the market is full of juicy, delicious and exotic fruits but the most relished fruits by everyone is melon and mango. Keeping this is mind DPS Servodaya Nagar had organised a mango and melon party for tiny toddlers on 12th May. Children brought cubes of mango and melon in their lunch tiffin and were dressed in red, yellow and green.  Lots of activities were held like dance, movie, mock tail making etc. Children enjoyed ice cream treat. Handmade cutouts of cute melon sunglasses were given to each child to dress in the concept thoroughly. It was a fun filled and refreshing day for the kids.

Fun with Palindrome

To break the monotony of the routine learning and to enhance the vocabulary of the students “Fun with Palindrome” activity was conducted in class III on 12/5/17. Children wrote palindrome on the flower’s cut out. They learnt new words and enjoyed the activity thoroughly.

Pearls on paper

My Safe Zone

An activity was conducted for class II students on Saturday 22.4.17. A relevant video was shown to the children. They were asked to paste photographs of their family members on a palm cut out.

Outcome- This awareness session will help students to express themselves a healthy relationship between teachers and students too. 

First day of school

Today 3.4.17, Monday was the first day for the little ones of Pre-Nursery and to welcome our little students the school was decorated on candy land theme. A cute photo frame was also placed outside the class and kids enjoyed the photo session and the company of their teachers.

Let's Navigate - The Bank

There is an old saying that ‘Cash is King’. This may have applied years ago when technology was simpler, but the fast- placed. Life of today makes paying with cash difficult and even unsafe. Rather than taking the chance of leaving cash at home or carrying it with you using a bank account is the way to go. Keeping this in mind an activity ‘Let’s Navigate-The Bank’ was organised for the students of class II on Wednesday, 8.2.17 

Sings that speaks safety 

Road safety education is very much essential in today’s worlds as road traffic is becoming increasingly busy. Years ago it was safe for our road children to travel on the road without a care, but things have changed since then. Now there are more cars, scooters, motorbikes, and buses etc on the road. Keeping this in mind an activity “Sings that Speak-Safety” was organised for the students of class 2 on Wednesday, 21.12.16 for sensitizing the children to road safety. 

Visit To Lala Lajpat Rai 

The students of D.P.S Servodaya Nagar visited the Hallet hospital on 23rd Nov to show their love, care compassion and sympathy towards the victims of the Indore-Patna Express tragedy. They carried dry-packaged food items with them to lend them a helping hand. They supplied food items to hundreds of patients who lay in the bed crying and weeping.

The little hearts were moved by their pain. This experience reminded them of their blessings which always go uncounted. They left the hospital in a mixed emotions. They thanked God for everything they have. It was a small step taken forward to share the distressed and grieved moments of the victims of the tragic accident.

Barn Day

Farm animals are very useful and they produce many things for us, so keeping this in mind, an activity on ‘Barn Day’ was held on 6th October. The real animals (dog, hen, rabbit, mouse, goat, pigeon, cow) were called in the school premises. The children participated in the class activities and learnt their importance. The lawn area was decorated with animals, their babies and homes. The children enjoyed the activity. 

Express Studio "Object Talk"

Object talk has a great impact on children. To utilize its positive side and encourage children to enhance their oratory skills, D.P.S Servodaya Nagar organised a competition “Express Studio-Object Talk” for Pre-Primary children on Thursday, 22.9.16. Students participated enthusiastically in the oratory competition and spoke few lines on their favourite object. Winners were awarded with the certificates.

Sports of India

On 9th August an activity “ Spirit of India “ was organised for the Pre-Primary students. They had great fun doing activity sheet through which they gained knowledge about our National symbols.

Hero's and Their Contribution

“The Magic School Bus” was organised on 30th July (Saturday) along with the PTM, to facilitate the parents  to explore the wide range of colourful, age appropriate literature, activity, colouring, story books to inculcate reading habits among their children and to improve their linguistic skills. The highlight of the event was the competition based on patriotism.

Scholastic Book Fair

“The Magic School Bus” was organised on 30th July (Saturday) along with the PTM, to facilitate the parents  to explore the wide range of colourful, age appropriate literature, activity, colouring, story books to inculcate reading habits among their children and to improve their linguistic skills. The highlight of the event was the competition based on patriotism.

Medical Camp Check Up

A medical Check-up camp was organised for the school students on 26.07.16 and 27.07.16. Emphasis was given on special problems viz. Teeth, Eye-vision and General Health status.The aim of the programme was to create health conscientiousness amongst the students.

Health Camp
Health Camp

Activity  -“Aarogya” – Cleanliness

"Keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you see the world' Keeping this in mind, the children of class Prep conducted an activity on cleanliness(Aarogya) on 12.07.16.The children participated in various activities which stressed on the importance of hygiene in our daily lives.

arogya arogya1 arogya

Activity  -“InFocus” – Individual Story Telling

Individual English Story Telling Competition was organised on 12.07.16 for class IV. The children came dressed up in colourful costumes of the characters of the narrated stories. The competition helped to build up their confidence and overcome their stage fear.

story story story

Activity  -“Lets Navigate” – A Railway Station

Trains are a great and inexpensive way of exploring India. The word ‘navigate’ truely means – ‘finding one’s way’.
An activity was conducted for the same in which the students were made aware of a railway station – a place where passengers can get on and off trains and goods may be loaded or unloaded. They were informed of several facilities provided by our Indian railway system like Railway staff, food, waiting rooms, toilets, lost and found, trolleys, ticket  booths and train timetables etc. They were also informed about various classes in a train like AC ,chair car, sleeper, general etc. They were informed about buying a ticket and accessing arrival and departure time in a time table.
The Smart class made the activity interesting through a Power point Presentation on a railway station shown to them.
In the end, students shared their personal rail experiences thereby making this activity effective.

Activity (Little Chef)

DPS Servodaya Nagar organized a non fire cooking activity for the students of Pre-Primary on 6th August, 2015.The décor transformed the premises into a multi cuisine restaurant. Students enjoyed this activity and learned all about the ingredients, taste and texture, by preparing a burger. It was a fun filled activity and the students relished  the burger made by their own hands.


Activity  - Strings Attached - (Puppet Show)

The Pre-primary children of DPS Servodaya Nagar, enjoyed the activity ‘Strings Attached’ based on the rainy season on 23rd July. The puppet theatre looked bright and colourful with a display of objects like umbrella, corn, mushrooms, raincoats, frogs etc.The story session was quite interesting and the story was enacted through the hand puppets. The children enjoyed the puppet show and were given finger puppets as carry home craft.

Activity- Tambola

WordTambola  is an educational tool to teach children words, numbers and even spellings. DPS Servodaya Nagar organized an activity on Word Tambola for Pre- primary children. Tickets were provided to them in which 2-3 letter words were written and they were asked to mark off a word every time a word was called out. After completing their tickets they were asked to say yes or Bingo. It was a fun filled activity and a creative way to teach them different words. Children enjoyed the game and the winners got gifts.

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