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DPS Servodaya Nagar takes care to ensure that a congenial environment is created where children learn to take their initial steps towards building a life full of learning, caring and sharing. Statistics prove that children learn best through all forms of play. The school is equipped to provide lots of play based activities where children learn and develop by experiencing learning opportunities while playing, enjoying themselves and stimulating their imaginations at all times. The school provides age appropriate activities to stimulate the learning process of children. Various theme based activities on meeting the ‘Early Learning Goals’ are introduced time to time consistent with up to date practices worldwide. Varied learning techniques are introduced to hold the interest of children. The healthy student – teacher ratio enables the teacher to interact with each child. Remedial classes help the slow learners to come up to the level of the class.

To encourage participation and enhance the overall personality of the child various activities are involved in our teaching strategy:

  • Morning Assembly is organized for developing moral, human and spiritual values in students.
  • Story telling and story making –Through dramatization and role play tales of courage, tolerance, love and patriotism are narrated to the students.
  • To build confidence, self- esteem and independence we encourage free and structured conversation. The medium of instruction being English, it is mandatory for all to communicate in English in the school premises. Compliance to this rule not only provides an opportunity for practice but also enhances language efficiency.
  • We use Audio-Visual aids for teaching concepts.
  • Flash cards, blocks, pebbles, twigs etc. are used in free Indoor Play.
  • Nature Walk and Excursions are organized to develop aesthetic sensibility and love for nature.
  • Music and dance creates harmony, recharges and provides refinement to mind. It also supports the development of coordination.
  • Art and Craft activity helps the child to express freely and openly.
  • Puppet Play – Stick, finger and glove puppets are made and used by the students as props for role-play, story narration and self-expression.
  • The school follows a ‘menu of the week’ to improve and monitor the eating habits of children.
  • To develop Team spirit and Co-operation we encourage sports and games. Balancing, jumping, climbing, swinging etc. are included in outdoor play.
  • Theme Parties are a refreshing break from the regular school routine.
  • Camps are an interesting and innovative way of encouraging companionship and fostering qualities like leadership, tolerance and spirit of independence. Students are sensitized on the issues like:
    • Save – electricity, fuel and water
    • Use paper, cloth or jute bags
    • Use solar energy
    • Grow more trees
    • Use separate bins for organic and inorganic waste
    • Stop pollution- air, water and noise
    • Prevent forest fire
    • Do not litter
    • Work together
  • Through extensive project work, students are given an awareness of the richness of diverse peoples’ history and culture. The children acquire all the building blocks of scholarship, along with good study habits and a love for learning.
  • Parent participation is an important aspect of various activities conducted in the school. They are invited to school to discuss the academic growth of their wards.

In our ongoing endeavor to be a school that is bench marking all the way, DPS Servodaya Nagar provides a curriculum with a difference, one that balances academics as well as physical and mental development. Our attempt is to make the most beautiful and formative years of our students’ life a joy forever.

The Seven C's

Our fervent endeavor is to ensure that each student is endowed with the qualities and traits that are hallmark of every DPS student - Confidence, Competence, Courage, Courtesy, Creativity, Compassion and commitment.

Confidence: Students passing out of DPS are extremely confident in the English language and exhibit tremendous self belief in themselves and their abilities to attain the impossible.
Commitment: Commitment is interaction associated with obligation or pledges. DPS students are committed towards any job or activities they undertake in life.
Critical thinking is a composite facility of the intellect that reasons, questions, conceptualizes analyses and applies. DPS student acquires this high order thinking skill gradually and systematically over the years.
Collaboration: DPS students learn collaboration that is working together to achieve a common goal. It equips them with interpersonal skills, courtesy. patience, deeper understandings and leadership qualities.
Creativity: DPS students are immensely creative in their approach to any problem. Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion which is found in abundance among DPS students.
Compassion: Compassion is the basis of all morality and DPS students are compassionate which helps them remain as good human beings. It is a virtue by one shows emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy for the suffering of fellow human beings, regarded as a part of love itself.
Curiosity: DPS students are endowed with a disposition to inquire, investigate, or seek after knowledge. This quality is developed by encouraging them to ask questions to satisfy their inquisitiveness.

That's our way of learning and beyond.

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